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Intercom Systems - Rutherford Heavy Duty
All In One Electric Strike
Rutherford make a great strike. It`s among the most versatile and very heavy duty. It will mount in a wood or aluminum frame. The keeper or lip area is center mounted and also enlarged to accommodate just about any latch with up to a 3-4' projection and since the lip is so wide, installation is easier. In addition there are two different monitor outputs - Latch Monitor and Keeper Monitor. The latch monitor can tell you that a latch has entered the strike and the keeper monitor can tell you if the strikes keeper is in the locked or unlocked position. Not everyone needs this type of feedback but if you want this its included.

•Easy field selectable lock mode from fail safe to fail secure by turning one screw
•Rounded corners for easy installation
•Easy field selectable voltage (12 or 24VDC and 12 to 24VAC)
•Standard version (1-3/8' depth) will accept up to 3/4 inch latch projection and lower profile (1-1/16') version (special order only) will accept up to a 5/8 inch latch.
•Easy horizontal adjustability (up to 1/4')
•Plug-in wire connectors included
•Latch Monitor/Keeper Monitor Switches Option included
•Tested to over 1,000,000 cycles
•Dynamic forces tested to 70 ft. lbs.
•Static strength: 1000 lbs
•UL Listed 1034 Burglary
Dimensions: 4 7/8' long X 1 1/4' wide X 1 3/8' deep
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"When my sister broke up with her boyfriend, the first thing I told her to do was call a locksmith to change the lock to her door, since he still had a key. I had used New York Locksmith before and knew their locksmiths did a good job, so I told her to call them. We were happy that they were able to change her lock that same day."

"I like to do things myself, but when it comes to installing new locks, I always call New York Locksmith. I have used a couple other companies, but their locksmiths are the best. They are happy to answer all of my technical questions and always finish the job on time."

"My wife and I had our keys and bags stolen at the airport not long ago. We lost both car keys and our house keys. New York Locksmith met us at the airport and manufactured a new key for our car. We were so pleased with their service, that we also asked them make replacements for all of the other keys we lost too."

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