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Access Control
Access Control - HandNet 2.0 for Windows
Complete Door Access and Monitoring

With HandKey II biometric readers and HandNet software, you’ll dramatically increase your security and eliminate time-wasting card administration.
HandNet gives you networked access control that’s easy to install, simple to use, effortless to administer, and affordable. You’ll enjoy complete door monitoring in real time for multiple sites. Remote sites can be monitored via modem or Ethernet.
Every HandKey II unit has a built-in door controller, so you can create an access control network by simply attaching a PC. You pay only for the software – there’s no additional cost for networking up to 1000 doors.

-Real security
-Saves money over card-based systems
-Fast and easy to use
-Increases convenience by eliminating card administration
-Integrates into existing systems
-Field- proven reliable technology

HandNet software gives you centralized access control. The system typically runs “online”, providing real-time, comprehensive door activity monitoring, remote door control, and alarms. If the computer goes off-line for any reason, the networked doors continue to operate without interruption. HandNet’s user-friendly interface runs on Windows 95-98/2000/ME/NT. Extensive use of wizards makes setup and system maintenance effortless.


Monitor over 1000 HandKey units in real time :
Hard-wired communications operate via RS422, using up to 38 serial ports. Dial-up modem and Ethernet connections are also supported.

Manage over 100,000 users:
Add, remove and track users from a central PC. Up to 25 user-definable text fields may be specified for each user, in addition to standard fields such as name, ID number, access profile, authority level, and rejection threshold. The user window helps you keep track of people by displaying the last reader used, with date and time of use.

Automatic hand template management:
Enroll users at any HandKey in the system. Hand template data from the enrolling HandKey is automatically backed up on the PC and distributed to selected doors in the system, as specified. Dial-up remote modem locations are also updated automatically when a new user enrolls.

Complete door monitoring:
HandNet provides complete door management. Among the conditions that can be monitored in real time are: door forced open, door open too long, duress, and multiple auxiliary input and output conditions. Authorized operators may override the lock condition at any door.

No dedicated PC required:
HandNet can run in the background while other tasks are performed on the PC. When an alarm condition occurs, the user is notified immediately If only an audit trail is required; the PC need not be always turned on, because each HandKey can buffer over 3000 transactions.

Monitor multiple remote sites:
HandNet allows you to dial up multiple remote sites automatically, following a user-definable schedule. Assigning a name to each reader and site allows instant identification of the location of each HandKey biometric reader.

Access restrictions:
HandNet provides complete access control by user ID, time, and location. The access profile wizard makes it easy to restrict time and location. HandNet supports 60 definable time zones, with four start and stop intervals per zone. An unlimited number of access profiles can be defined. The holiday table can maintain an unlimited number of entries.

Easy maintenance:
Automatic transaction archiving minimizes maintenance headaches. You can define the archiving process based on file size, days elapsed, or the day of the month.

Customizable activity reports:
Activity reports can be defined and saved, showing only the data you need. The data source can be either current transactions or archived data.

Simplified activity monitoring:
HandNet lets you define filtered activity screens that display only activities for the sites, readers, or users you specify Each of these screens are easily accessible through a tabbed display system. A predefined alarm activity screen makes alarm acknowledgment as simple as a couple of clicks of the mouse.

Temporary users:
When new users are enrolled in the system they can be assigned access to specific readers with definable time zones through an unlimited number of access profiles. HandNet also has a start and end date for access, so temporary users like consultants or guests can be granted access for a few days, weeks or months. The system then automatically disables access rights at the end of the term. Users can be reactivated in the software so there is no need to re-enroll.

Remote Enrollment:
Many installations use an enrollment reader to input new users in the system. The new Remote Enrollment feature enables a reader to be controlled from the software. So a guard behind a glass partition or a supervisor in a distant office can enroll new users without physically going to the reader.

Import/Export of users:
The new import/export feature enables sharing of user information among different HandNet installations. For example, the security officer in New York can send a users record to the office in Taipei. The office in Taipei can then add the user to their system, setting their own access restriction. When the user arrives he will be in the system and there is no need to re-enroll.
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